[NL] Benelegion

We are proud to open our [NL] Benelegion server.

All players are advised to use our TeamSpeak3 server

We have a 120/120 Mbit fiberoptics connection sufficient to support 64 players.

You can now sign up for beta! Just follow this link and click the button!

Future of this server

Each LiF patch we try to adapt ourself to the new living conditions on our island.
For example, the skilltree as to be seen on the future LIF MMO and with it
the way we build our characters in the virtual world.

To adapt and prepare for the mmo release some server settings were changed.
The old map was upgraded and the skillcap is at 1600 for all to adapt.

Our castle info can be found at: Benelegion Castle

Signed by Lewis Douglas, owner of and GM at [NL] Benelegion


We are present in Life is Feudal

Our map can be found at LIFMaps.com

All players are adviced to use our TeamSpeak3 server.

Ingame contact: Lewis Douglas